Note-this is now an archived page for the 2010 Seattle Founders Day Festival August 14th and 15th

Thanks to the bands for making our festival sound so GREAT!!

2010 © All images and text copyright ®Founders Day Festival Inc a Washington State Non-Profit Company


Shenandoah Davis, | Feral Children, | Love Markets (the) | Ramona The Band, | Redwood Plan, | Ryan Purcell and the Last Round, | Smoke Shack Orkiestra, | Snowman Plan, | Strong Killing, | Vince Mira, | Witness (the)

With Special performances by

Sage, | Toy Box Trio,


Saturday August 14th
Band...............set time
Toy Box Trio........12:50-1:35
Greatest Hits........2:00-2:45
Strong Killings........3:10-3:55
Tom Prince........4:20-5:05
The Witness........5:30-6:15
The Love Markets........6:40-7:25
Feral Children........7:50-8:35
Redwood Plan........9:00-9:45
DJ street event (DJ TBA)........10:00-Midnight

10:00am Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser at The Rendezvous
1:00pm The Pike Place Market: Cultural Mirror of Seattle
Presented by Paul Dunn at the History Tent
1:45pm Dragon Dance
2:00pm Children's Lantern Parade
3:00pm STIFF, Seattle Komedy Dokumentary, at the the Rendezvous
3:00pm Founders Day Raffle Drawing!! At the main stage (gotta be present to win)
3:30pm Richard Zyman, speaking on the Underground Tour at the History Tent
5:00-6:30pm JA Jance, book signing at City Hostel Seattle
5:00pm STIFF, an hour of "Best Of'" shorts at the Rendezvous
6:00pm Founders Day Raffle Drawing!! At the main stage

Sunday August 15th
Smokeshack Okiestra........11:40-12:25
Snowman Plan........12:50-1:35
Ryan Purcell........2:00-2:45
Shenandoah Davis........3:10-3:55
Dog Shredder........4:20-5:05
The Cops........5:30-6:15
Ramona The Band........7:50-8:35
Vince Mira........9:00-9:45


2:00pm Anne Fontaine presents Ocho Loved Flowers at the at the History Tent
3:00pm Founders Day Raffle Drawing!! At the main stage
3:00-6:00pm STIFF, Best of STIFF shorts at the Rendezvous
6:15pm Founders Day Raffle Drawing!! At the main stage



Witness (the)

Friends of the Festival

Joseph Corsi

Sam Pegg

Ben Borgman

Katie and Mark Stern
Big PIcture

Jessica Gifford
Bathtub Gin and Co.

Auction Fundraiser Contributors

A Spoon Full of Paper

Brett Paulson, an Evening with Mr. Belltown

Endless Knot

Match Game

Noodle Ranch

Spa Hop

Strut Boutique


Satellite Events are events going on in Beautiful Belltown during,

or shortly after the Founders Day Festival folds up each night.

If you would like to list your Belltown event here,please contact

with full details as you want them shown,including address, and website, and logo (or I'll get it from your site)

Sidewalk Community Pancake Breakfast

City wide invitation to come down and have Breakfast with Belltown, come on out and enjoy some of Tia's Buttermilk Pancakes with your neighbors.

10 am - noon at the Rendezvous
Proceeds to benefit the Founders Day Festival 2011 campaign.

Happy Birthday to Cyclops, 20 years of making Belltown Great!

Cyclops Anniversary Event! Sun. Aug 15th from 7:00pm-12:00am

2421 1st Avenue at Wall St, twitter@cyclopsseattle



Annual KEXP BBQ!

Saturday the 14th at the Seattle Center Mural Ampitheater, 2pm-9pm for more details



Sunday, August 15 | in the History Tent

Anne Fontaine presents Ocho Loved Flowers at 2pm in the History Tent

Join Belltown resident and author Anne Fontaine as she reads from her critically acclaimed picture book, Ocho Loved Flowers. Following the reading, join Anne as she shares the inspiration for this story and leads the audience through a pet related art project!! Though written for children, this reading is a must for pet owners, animal lovers, and aspiring writers of all ages.

"Ocho Loved Flowers touches upon the special bond between humans and their animal family members and the very personal ways we can cope with pet loss. I recommend this lovely book to anyone, young or old, who loves animals."
— Betsy Saul Founder, Senior Vice President, Animal Planet

Saturday, August 14 | 1pm: In the History Tent

The Pike Place Market: Cultural Mirror of Seattle
Presented by Paul Dunn

Explore the history of one of Seattle's most beloved landmarks, The Pike Place Market, presented by Paul Dunn. Mr. Dunn is the past president of Friends of the Market and former chair of the Pike Place Market Historical Commission.

At the Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theater
STIFF - Seattle's True Independent Film Festival Special Founders Day Festival Presentation
Saturday August 14th 3pm - Seattle Komedy Dokumentary
Saturday August 14th 5pm - an hour of "Best Of'" shorts
Sunday August 15th 3-6pm Best of STIFF shorts

JA Jance, Book Signing at City Hostel (2237 2nd Ave) during the Founders Day Festival!

5:00-6:30pm Saturday August 14th Signing her new book Queen of the Night

J.A. Jance is the top 10 New York Times best selling author of the J.P. Beaumont series,
the Joanna Brady series, the Ali Reynolds series, three inter-related thrillers featuring
the Walker family, and a book of poetry. Her books have more than 10 million copies in
In her latest series, Jance introduces Ali Reynolds, a 45-year-old television
anchorwoman who's just been fired for being too old in Edge of Evil. She's mad as hell
and, at the suggestion of her college senior son, starts a blog called
She leaves LA for her hometown of Sedona, Arizona and before she knows it there's a
murderer in her sights. The second Ali Reynolds hardcover, Hand of Evil, will published
by Touchstone in December 2007.
Jance is an avid crusader for many causes including the American Cancer Society,
Gilda's Club, the Humane Society, the YMCA and the Girl Scouts. A lover of animals,
she has a golden retriever, Daphne, named for Daphne du Maurier.
Born in South Dakota and raised in Bisbee, Arizona, Jance and her husband now split
their time between Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona.

Bookseller- Seattle Mystery Bookstore

Eat My Shorts Play 'Feast' at Open Circle Theater

Dates From August 06, 2010 7:30 PM
Through August 28, 2010 7:30 PM
Fridays and Saturdays only

Open Circle Theater
2222 Second Ave, 2nd Floor
(between Bell & Blanchard Ave, above Buddha Bar)
Seattle, WA 98121
Ph. 206-382-4250

EAT MY SHORTS at Open Circle Theater is a ten-minute play festival highlighting spectacular works by local playwrights.

Twenty-four original plays will be performed the first three weekends of August. Each weekend the audience, along with a panel of celebrity judges, will choose two plays as Tastiest Bites to receive an additional performance the final weekend of August as Best of the Fest.

In addition, the audience favorite of all three weekends will be chosen as a Blue Plate Special and will receive an opportunity to perform their piece at Bumbershoot.


Tickets only $10 and available online at Brown Paper Tickets:


"Amniotes: an imaginary History of the end of the World from 1954 - 20XX"
Written and directed by William D. Brattain

In the shadow of the monorail sits a building with no name. Once a nightclub, most recently bland office space, and formerly a theater, we have swooped in to reappropriate this space according to our whims and desires: this space fallen into disuse by the same calamity that has rendered so much of our fair city abandoned and flailing.

The Irrealist Theater (TIT) defines Irrealism as the subjective use of established, empirical truths for the auspices of awesome and aberrant circumstances. Fiercely devoted to the creation of new work in theater, installation, and sculpture, TIT is developing the Irrealist aesthetic for the masses, for artists to use as they see fit, and to usher in a new age of art at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

We have many, many allies.

Working out of Implied Violence's secret warehouse and utilizing the talents of Seattle's most dedicated and hard-working artists, The Irrealist Theater, a new company brandishing a new artistic movement presents to you a new site-specific play (this is as it should be):

"Amniotes: an imaginary History of the end of the World from 1954 - 20XX"
Written and directed by William D. Brattain

Featuring the work of:

Actors Meredith Binder, Sharon Dummar and Jeffrey Willey, plus many more.
Installation artist and sculptor Maxx Lexington.
Kinetic sculptor Casey Curran.
Visual artist Thomas Vincent Chapel.
Theremin musician DiTolvo.
Sound designer Lily Nguyen.
Videographer Lisa Reynolds.

"Amniotes" received a staged reading in December of 2008 at the Free Sheep Foundation in its former Belltown location.

Location: 2115 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98121.
Public preview: August 11th. Opening: August 13th. Show dates August 14th & 15th, 19th - 22nd. All shows at 8pm.
$15 suggested donation (no one turned away due to lack of funds).
For reservations please call 206.335.6836 or email

In conjunction with "Amniotes", visual artist Thomas Vincent Chapel presents new art and installation work in "Beyond Boss", featuring KRONOS.

Opening reception: August 12th. Closing reception: August 28th.
Gallery hours: 6pm - 10pm M-F, 10am - 10pm Saturday and Sunday.
Free and open to the public.

Produced in cooperation with Implied Violence, Boom! Theater, GreenStage and the Seattle Founders Day Festival.



Saturday August 14 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm
The Rendezvous | Jewel Box Theater

2322 2nd ave

Local Celebrity Guest Stars,

The Ogress from PUSS-N-BOOTS,

Gary Gloryhole,

Betty Sommers,


Babette La Fave,

Miss Anita Goodmann,

Nelson Heston Riley & Vincent Drambuie

for a chance to win fabulously funny prizes.

Saturday, August 14th $6 - 21+ - 10pm
Rendezvous/Jewel box Theater - 2322 2nd Ave.

Meisce -

The Legendary River Drifters -

Starving Art Family -

Sunday, August 15th


Rendezvous/Jewel box Theater - 2322 2nd Ave.
Ladies' Choice Presents:

7pm - The Quit -

8pm - They Rise, We Die -

9pm - The Deadless -

10pm- Hidden Number -

11pm- SinDios -

12am- Black Science -